Looking for more guests. Maybe it will be you.

January 13, 2017

Hello one and all.

Changes are taking place and podcasts have been recorded.
New episodes are back and a new one will be arriving tomorrow 3/1/2017.
Come listen to Felicia Capece.
Next week listen to Rob Kristie.
But I am always looking for people to come and talk on the Community Theatre podcast.

I are hoping that you, or someone you know, who would be interested in talking about their experiences in community theatre and all that you have experienced on and off stage. So please contact us or have them contact us here at:


Or leave a voice message or text us at:
(609) 388-8287
We have had a number of fun people on the podcast so far, (you know who you are), and all have enjoyed their time talking about community theatre. It lasts from 10 to 30 minutes of your time, and you can come to Village Playbox location, or I can bring the studio to you. (It is rather mobile).
If you haven't yet listened to the podcast, please give it a shot.
And if you have heard the podcast, please let your friends or other people know about it.

We can be heard at:


and we are available on iTunes!

We are a podcast in the Social & Culture section or just search for Community Theatre Studio

I hope to hear from you one and all!

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